Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Personal Injury Attorney Bredice has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of hundreds of injured Vermonters.

From Opposing Counsel:

“I was amazed at your dedication to your client’s case, including your diligence and determination to see it through … Your client should be enormously grateful for the Herculean effort you put into her case.”

From Our Clients Post-Trial:

“Thank you for your extensive hours, diligent work, and persistent attitude throughout this arduous case.  Your perseverance, talent and ability to remain compassionate are deeply appreciated.”

 “I can’t begin to express our gratitude for all that you have done for us … [A friend] remarked this morning, ‘I guess there is still justice in this world.’”

From Our Clients Regarding Settlement Efforts:

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the time that the attorney you assigned to our case has been providing to my son and his pending legal matter.  He was assigned to our case a few  weeks back and we are very pleased with his performance … Since the day he contacted us,  our minds have been put at ease … We have heard from him almost daily, sometimes several times a day, either to request information or to simply let us know where we stand.  He has included us in all correspondence and kept us very informed on what is going on from his end.  We are enjoying his aggressive approach to get this settled … I will definitely be recommending him to anyone that needs representation.  I think he is a great addition to your firm and he will be where I turn to if I ever find I need legal advice in the future.”

“When the accident first happened friends and family gave me different advice. I wasn’t sure who to listen to or what to do. I knew I needed help. So I called two accident attorneys and spoke to their secretaries whom I told the situation to. One was kind enough to call back to let me know it wasn’t worth his time. I thanked him for his honesty. I decided to give it one more try and called your office. I couldn’t be happier since I was let down by the first two. Once in a while someone touches us in a way that restores our faith in others. You got me a settlement and also gave me something money can’t buy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will never forget you for your compassion and kindness among other positive attributes. You have truly been a blessing.”

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